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Welcome to GT Caribbean Network!
Think the Caribbean. Think of everything that envisions Caribbean Culture. Β Now let’s put that into television series, short and feature films, reality shows, and documentaries. Let’s make it about Music, dance, comedy, drama, sports, art, culture, politics or history. Let’s take a bold step and hand cameras to the young Caribbean population (And Diaspora) to create this. Now you know GT. Welcome to the Caribbean…

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  1. Hi i saw on a post on facebook about the show cosplayers connected was interested in cosplayers who wish to be apart of the show . My stage name is jess-akita cosplay this is my link and would love to be involved. Ive been cosplaying for 6 years and besides law school its what dominates my life


    • hello Jessica, Cosplayers Connected is a tv show highlighting cosplayers from different countries. The process is simple just record a video of yourself talking about being a cosplayer (The challenges etc) and send it too us at along with any pics and video clips of you in costume and we will edit it and post it on our page as well as airing on our tv network πŸ™‚


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