Top 5 Caribbean Cosplayers To Watch In 2018

Article by Sue Mc Gunniess (Los Angeles U.S.A.)


Cosplay, one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st Century, is on the rise in the Caribbean. As GT is fully engaged in the world of Cosplay, we recognized some of the most active, talented and influential Cosplayers from the Caribbean.

So here is our list of Cosplayers to watch from the Caribbean

Lyonegra Costuming

Lyonegra is recognized as an award winning Cosplayer in her country of Trinidad & Tobago, and in the Caribbean. To date, she has created over 150 costumes, has served as a cosplay judge on multiple occasions and is constantly striving to up her crafting game. Lyonegra is the owner and chief costume fabricator of her own business Lyonegra Costuming. She is the definition of being a leader!



Silver Fantasy Cosplay

Silver Fantasy Cosplay hails from Jamaica and has already made an impact on the Caribbean Cosplay culture, winning lots of awards and showing her creativity of what Jamaica has to offer.




Kozmo-Kai cosplay journey began back in the summer of 2016 where he took part in the caribbean’s two biggest cosplay competitions: Alias Ent. Expo’s “Caribbean Cosplay Championship” in Trinidad and Barbados’s “Animekon Expo” where he placed 4th and 3rd respectively. This year he has proven that he is one of the leading cosplayers winning multiple awards and attending various events throughout the Caribbean.



Xtina Cosplay

Xtina Cosplay is from Trinidad and Tobago and is basically a veteran cosplayer. She has been cosplaying for almost 10 years, winning countless awards and assist in promoting Trinidad and Tobago cosplay to the world. She has capture our hearts.



Shasam Cosplay

Shasam Cosplay is the leading cosplayer from Barbados, with loads of awards and more awards, working with international photographers and so much more. With her ambition to help other cosplayers, she is truly an influencer.





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