Lashana Lynch is Playing Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch is confirmed to be playing Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, who in the comic books is the mother of Monica Rambeau, the Ultimates character and the first female character to carry the mantle of “Captain Marvel”.

Lashana was raised in West London by a family of Jamaican descent. She attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School, a performing arts school that many famous British stars also went to, including Daniel Kaluuya, Dua Lipa, Amy Winehouse, and Rita Ora.



Maria Rambeau is the name of Monica’s mother in the comic books. The character appeared in various issues of The Avengers during the 1980s when she and her husband, Frank, served as Monica’s understanding parents. After developing the ability to transform into any form of electromagnetic energy and becoming an Avenger, Monica occasionally returned to New Orleans to visit her parents, who provided her with valuable advice about her superhero career and her relationships with her fellow Avengers.

Captain Marvel arrives March 8, 2019.

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