The Winners at Trinidad And Tobago Film Festival Awards 2018

Best Future Critic Prize


Best Future Critic Prize has been awarded to Celine Dimsoy

People’s Choice Prize

People’s choice prize for best short film goes to Teneille Newallo for her film Mangroves.


People’s Choice Award For Best Documentary Film

People’s choice award for best documentary film goes to Ashley Karrell, for his film, Carnival Messiah.


People’s Choice Prize For Best Narrative Film

People’s choice prize for best narrative feature film goes to ‘Hero.’ Inspired by the extraordinary life and time of Mr. Ulric Cross.


Best Pitch Prize

BPTT Caribbean Film Mart, Best Pitch Price goes to Kafi Kareem Farrell, for her film, Fairway.


Best TT Short Film

The best TT short film price goes to Elspeth Duncan for Venus and Magnet.


Best TT Feature Film

Best TT feature film prize goes to Mariel Brown for Unfinished Sentences.


Congrats to all the winners.

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