Dyna Edyne : The Tree Woman Of Our Day

The Tree Woman of our Day, Oscillating between the realms of Hip-Hop and R&B, the humble yet charismatic Dyna Edyne has been making a name for herself as an emerging artist in the Miami scene. What is a Tree Woman you may ask,
“The beautiful metaphore of a Tree Woman is indeed a speaking image of a woman embracing her growth, her womanhood, and unashamed of her mind, body and soul.This is freedom at its best. That’s why you have a Dyna Edyne freestyling and singing, in love with her body mind and soul; you couldn’t kill her vibe.” –SoundsoBeautiful
Infusing sounds with inspirations such as Aaliyah and Sade (which by the way share the same birthday with DE) There’s been a gap filled between resonating new-age soul music with her accumulating fan base. Branches EP has been penetrating the ears of many as well as “by popular demand” single “F.L.Y” landing placements on UK Amazon’s “Future Jams: Cutting Edge R&B” next to prominent artists like SZA & Kehlani; to getting radio play in her hometown of Miami 100.3FM TheGrind all the way to Nigeria Smooth 98.1FM, there is a natural wittiness in her progress and in her sound a buttery, melodic, soulful, with a hip hop infused delivery that can’t be denied.


With projects being underway, there is still a force to be reckoned, with over 250,000 social media conversations and digital mobile media content as well as her stage performances. Featuring on Festival stages during “Miami Music Week” like Female Brew Fest 2018 to opening up for Trina and being mentioned as an upcoming star on “Sway in the morning” interview with the same Diamond princess, it’s safe to say that the fruits of Tree Woman’s labor are definitely in harvest.

Info via http://www.facebook.com/DynaEdyne




Listen to Branches EP here : https://soundcloud.com/dynaedyne/sets/branches

Check out some of Freestyle videos below




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