Teen With Depression

By Tyra Headley and Carlicia Britto (GT Teens)


My name is Cyann Walcott, I am seventeen years old. I’m aspiring dancer, actress , singer and anime lover. I’m not like other teenage these day. You see life is scary for someone like me.

Being depressed and having emotional breakdown from time to time is not exactly fun. You must be thinking , “I’m sure she’s doing it for people to be sorry for her”. But that was far from the truth, starting high school , I’ve been bullied for my weight and the way I talk.

Being ridiculed for being who you are is like saying am wrong for the way God made me.

A young adult as myself is trying to be the best in my exams but most importantly, being myself. I leave you with these words of enlightenment.

Life will always be unpredictable but one thing for sure your greatest disappointments will be your greatest achievements.

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