A Poem On Depression

Poem by Starleen Bain


Build Wings I’m not sure how it began Everything seemed to stand Couldn’t laugh it off or brush it aside.

Everything stayed inside.

A roomful of people all happy But inside I felt crappy Sitting right next to the ones I loved I felt lonely My home was no longer cosy.

I seemed to sit in the dark Empty yet overwhelmed An invisible weight on my shoulder Its increase I could not holster.

They tried to talk me through But that didn’t ring true Meds and potions galore Yet my joy nothing could seem to restore.

Once it was said the same way you got in Is the way out of the thing I examined my steps and found my error My need to be the one Who’s got it all together.

Uninvited I tried to carry everyone’s burden and fix every worry I put out wholeheartedly and was called upon endlessly.

Nothing put back in To strengthen me for the race I leaked and emptied and lost my pace Fell into a pit of who’s there for me.

I took on a job that wasn’t mine Worry, holding family together Being super-something or the other Offended at times but trying not to bother.

Leaving issues unaddressed And hurts allowed to rest Causing great unseen damages That rendered heart n mind powerless.

So a plan to free me emerges Let go and let God Laugh at the minute things That would build me wings Not looking back or down I was onward bound …and free.

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