First Week Of The GT Network’s Workshop Was A Success!

The first week of GT Network’s School’s Workshop was a great success. The students at El Socorro North Government Primary were treated with guest speakers like Nikki Crosby, Conrad parris, Chris smith, Sours Powers, Stacy Nurse, Renaldo and Jovander.

The feedback was indeed awesome with both teachers and students heavily involved. The teachers and standard five class of 30 students showed much appreciation to the workshop and will be looking forward the begin the production of their film.

The workshop continues for the next 2 weeks.

Nikki Crosby Is Confirm For ‘GT Network’s School’s Workshop’

Popular radio personality, comedian and actress, Nikki Crosby officially joins the special guests that will be part of ‘ GT Network’ School’s Workshop.’ The workshop that starts from May 9th till May 24th will feature guests like Chris Smith and Conrad Parris. The workshop will be at the El Socorro North Government Primary School.

GT Network is very honored to have Nikki Crosby on board.

Nikki Crosby_0

Conrad Parris Joins ‘GT Network’s School’s Workshop



Another famous Trinbago actor has officially joined the GT Network’s School’s Workshop which starts from May 9th till May 24th at El Socorro North Government Primary School ( Trinidad).

Conrad Parris is an Actor, Voice Talent, and Television Presenter, known for Home Again (2012), Escape from Babylon (2013) and Sally’s Way (2015).

Conrad will be a guest speaker at the workshop helping the students in their film project. GT Network is very honored too have Conrad Parris on board.

Chris Smith Confirmed For ‘GT Network’s School’s Workshop’

Trinbago Actor and Voice Talent , Chris Smith is confirm for the upcoming ‘GT Network School’s Workshop.

About The Workshop

GT Caribbean Network launches ‘GT Network’s School’s Workshop’, where the creativity and talent of the young Caribbean Population will be developed and showcased. Representatives from the network will be visiting the school twice a week for half an hour (30 minutes) sessions, preferably in the morning period between 9:00 am and 10:00am. The end product of these sessions will result in a short film, music video, or play, being developed and broadcasted on our network.

Our vision at GT Caribbean Network is to be that platform for young individuals to use in order to build their brands, ideas and showcase their talents.

The Workshop will start at El Socorro North Government Primary School on May 9th and end on May 26th 2017.

About Chris Smith

Chris Smith is in LOVE with acting! He is a film and stage actor from Trinidad and

Tobago. His personal motto “Work hard. Play Hard” drives him to be a better

person and actor. His has been featured in the such films as ‘Bazodee’(2016), ‘The

Cutlass’(2016) and ‘This Love’ (2015).

He was last seen on stage in Raymond Choo Kong Productions’ ‘Death at a Funeral-
Trini Style’(2017). Chris has been performing in theatre houses across Trinidad

since 2010. He has performed in the comedies, dramas and musicals of popular

Trinidadian theatre companies like Raymond Choo Kong Productions, First

Instinct Productions and JCS Entertainment. Chris has also been featured in

television ad campaigns, most recently as ‘Bob-All’ in the popular ‘Mr. Express’

Campaign for the Trinidad Express Newspapers.

Chris also performs with the UWI Arts Chorale and also does work as a Graphic

Designer. He has a love and passion for performing. Chris sees every

performance as an opportunity to grow as an actor in theatre and film, and as a

person in real life.

Alex Blaque Is The Official Clothing Sponsor For GT News

GT Network are proud to announce that New York based clothing store, Alex Blaque, is the official clothing sponsor for GT News.

About Alex Blaque

Alex Blaque is the shopping destination for women with bold and daring style. As the founder and CEO of Alex Blaque, Alex Blaque is the creative visionary, to a line that sees no boundaries and limitations to who can wear her designs. Alex Blaque represents sexy and conservative all in the same breath. The line is made to make women feel sexy, confident, and comfortable. Alex Blaque set out on a mission to create a collection of clothing specifically catered to women searching for the perfect blend of fashion-forward, comfort, quality, and sexy.

      Alex Blaque believe their customer are the Fashionista.  The girls who rock their styles are adventurous, inspirational and “badazz”.  A  Blaque Fashionista is always the best dressed girl in the room.  Her confidence is what truly shines, but her Alex Blaque outfit adds that extra “Shine. “

                                                               GT News

Host for GT News, Neicy, will be provided with clothing from Alex Blaque. GT News airs every Saturday on the GT Network.

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GT Network Will Launch ‘GT Films’ This Saturday

GT Films

Another segment will be launched this Saturday on GT Network. This segment will be called, ‘GT Films.’It will focus on highlighting various short films from the Caribbean. The segment is expected to be featured after ‘Caribbean Lifestyles’ meaning that it will be the last segment on the GT Network line up.

For producers that want to submit their short films for ‘GT Films,’they can email us at